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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slippy n Slidey n Kinda Icky Sticky

Ok, well let me begin with the fact that I had no idea that silicone lube couldn't be used with silicone toys for a long it mattered mine were all plastic anyway. Beyond that I refused to use silicone lube (it became a mission not to...I have no idea why so stop looking at me like that).

So when I bought one of my first toys (second time around really because I had toys had just been a few years) the girl took me over to the lubricants and just gushed about System Jo products. Well no shit, they are the highest priced lube in here...I was certain she was working on commission at that point. Well, I ended up buying (needlessly because the stupid toy was made of TPR not silicone...damn it) the lubricant and taking it home. First use, I was in love. Now, up until then I had used *gasp* KY...ok, well I bought some used it once and tossed it. So this was a huge change for me.

System Jo water based lubricant has no color, no real odor, and ok, well it tastes kind of gross so don't drink it because you have be warned. The texture of the lubricant had me searching the bottle for clues as to what it really was. System Jo lubricant is thick(ish). Thicker than most water based lubes, and it glides like a silicone lube. What impressed me the most is, since it is water based, water or saliva is all this lubricant needs to bring it back to life when it begins to dry out. Way cool, right?!?!

Again, since it is water based, it washes off soooo easy. Just rinse and it is gone. And speaking of washing, I do recommend it if you are prone to yeast infections because this particular lubricant does contain glycerin, which makes it thicker, and glycerin can cause yeast infections for some women. I did notice a bit of stickiness today I have never noticed before, but I am not so concerned with that. I enjoy System Jo lubricants and will continue my use of them as long as they are still made.

Since this is a water based lubricant it is safe for use with all types of toys. An added bonus...this lube holds up well for anal play as well. Uh, wow you say? Yeah and since it is a water base the cleanup is a snap with no sticky residue left all over the place. How could you not totally fall in love?

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