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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Pinata Blindfold

I received the Tantric Satin Ties Eye Mask from Eden Fantasys to review. Normally I am all about the eye cover, so I was so happy to get this. Just check it is super cute!

So, the mask comes in a cute little pillow box depicting a couple having a moment of romance. Imagine my surprise when I opened the little box and pulled out a cheap looking, yet cute, eye mask. The Tantric Satin Ties Eye Mask is shaped like a sexy black and red damn cute. Bonus? It's padded! The design is original and cute right down to the fine details, like the lace across the top of the bra and the adorable bow that adorns the middle of the eyes like it would on a bra. There was good attention to detail given in the visual creation of this item.

The Tantric Mask (that regular name is just way too freaking long) is a one size fits all (well, I am sure most unless you have like a massive melon head) polyester blindfold for the bedroom. Sexy as all hell, until you put it on. So like a good reviewer the second I picked up the mask...after the gasp and utter disappointment in the Cal Exotics craftsmanship...I immediately put it on. *Sigh* again. So my precious blindfold was a dud. There is no sensory deprivation given here. I could see through gaps every direction, no matter where I adjusted the mask to. Heartbroken. This was going to be a sexy cute surprise for J when he came home...I even have a bustier and thong that match it.

To make matters worse the ties are just a tiny satin ribbon on either side that tie around your head. I knew instantly that was going to be an issue (I am a crafter, and I saw it coming). Do you know how well satin anything? No? Oh, well, it doesn't. At all. It just slides right off. Uh oh. Maybe an elastic band would have been a better idea here. Either way, I tied them and they loosened in a matter of minutes. I retied them, same thing, over and over again. Honestly, this blindfold reminded me of the blindfold your parents used to force on you just before spinning you 700 and giving you a baseball back to whack the pinata with. Oh, your parents didn't do that? Well, never mind then.

Overall would I recommend these to anyone? Well, that is all dependent on who is asking. I like sensory deprivation, I like to not see anything at all. I like the darkness of BDSM, so for someone like me? No.

But...some people like a little spice, not quite kinky, but spicy. For them? I may recommend this item. It is cute, kinda sexy, it changes things up, and while you can't see, you still get light and you don't feel uncomfortable.

For totally Vanilla people who are just looking for a hot night or romantic weekend, yeah...I say go for it...spice up your love life.

For people looking for cool party favors or items to use at parties? HELL YES!!!

See, I am not totally unreasonable...


A few ideas of what you can do with this mask:

1. Bachelorette party: seriously...I can go a million ways here...GAMES is all I can tell you!
2. Party favors at a girls' night out!
3. Wear it in a relaxing bath with candles.
And my personal favorite:
4. My daughter now wears it to bed as her sleep mask!!!!!!!