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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who stole the crown jewels?

Ok, so I am not much of a "ooh and ahh look at that sexy negligee" kinda girl. I am more of a "damn that corset would make my boobs pop somthin' serious" kinda girl. So my choice of lingerie from Eden Fantasys was surprising to even me. J and I both thought though, that since he is gone I could so for comfy/sexy for once. Right on!

Fast forward one week and in comes the Dreamgirl Chemise Set. When I opened the box I was ecstatic to see the lingerie wrapped in bright pink tissue paper. I was just in love right away. Beneath the tissue paper the chemise and thong were in a plastic bag. I opened the bag and pulled out my new "sleepwear," oh it was so soft. The material is 100% polyester, so the feel surprised me a bit. It is soft and silky, but still a mesh knit. The Dreamgirl written across the chest was covered in pretty pink...oh wait, ok, well some of it was covered in pretty pink rhinestones. Well, a few rhinestones were missing. For a pageant mom like me with a house full of glitter and jewels this wasn't a huge issue, just a minor annoyance. In case this does happen to you just buy some E600 industrial glue at a craft store (the jewels will fall off no more...pageant trick). I was more than a little irritated though when a bunch more of the rhinestones were missing next time I picked up the chemise. That just shows poor craftsmanship on the part of Dreamgirl.

The fit of the chemise and thong were spot on for me. A little long, but I am undeniably short, so whatever. There were no snags, and I never got any snags while wearing the Dreamgirl Chemise, the material was so silky it never caught on anything. The mesh look allows a peek through the comfortable body cover. Just see through enough to be slightly erotic and naughty, but still have that romantic look that girls like so much. The one thing I just love about the design is the thick tanktop design. For girls with wide shoulders who are just not comfortable with thin straps, this offers a great alternative. The straps are about an inch and a half wide, so a good section of the shoulder was covered. Plus the material just flows right over your body. So if you are curvier like me you will be confident wearing this (after all we don't all look like the model on the tag).

The tag inside the chemise (you know, the one with all the care crap on it) tore out wonderfully easy. I am not really sure if it would have scratched or not because I always take this tag out right away since they are always stiff. While we are speaking about the tag...umm please don't just toss this into the washer and dryer, you won't like the results. Handwash this item (there are loose stones on you know) and line dry it. The glue from the stones can (I am not saying it will, just that it can) heat up in the dryer and get on the dryer itself or something else, and that my friends would suck big time. Plus, let's face it, that screen printed Dreamgirl on the front will come off over time if you don't take proper care of it.

The Dreamgirl Chemise Set is great for sleepwear/loungewear (ok only loungewear if you don't have kids running around). It is soft and comfortable as well as sexy. It is lightweight, so during a heatwave you can stay cool and look good doing it.

What did J think? Well I would say he liked it. I haven't gotten to see him smile in three days, and I saw a smile when I slipped it on! My breasts stood out because of the cut of the neckline, and he could see just enough through it that he was content with the sexiness of the outfit. Overall I would say this is a winner outfit of choice. If you like comfort, but want to spice things up just a little, go for the Dreamgirl Chemise Set (but be sure to have your E600 and rhinestones ready). If you are all about the sexy lingerie, well get this as a night shirt. I do recommend this set simply because it is appealing to most people.

Value for Price: 4/5
Overall Star Rating: 4/5

Thank you to the folks at Eden Fantasys for allowing me to review this item.

product picture
Chemise and panty set by DreamGirl
Material: Polyester


Miss Cinnamon said...

An undeniably cute set, but I'm not sure I'd spend $30 on a polyester chemise and thong if rhinestones kept falling off. Then again, I'm pretty picky :P Great review!

September 16, 2009 at 7:05 PM
J's Curious Alley said...

The actual piece is very well made...I was annoyed at the rhinestone issue though, but lucky for my my girls d pageants and it was easy to fix. I wouldn't spend $30 either, that's just me though...I would rather go to walmart and spend $10 each and get 3.

September 16, 2009 at 7:55 PM