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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And then the dog peed...

So really I figured after Monday's disaster of a day I should be free and

I was in the shower and the kids were watching TV...well they were supposed to be. I was in for a whole ten minutes max, and as I walked out I realized how amazing my house smelled. Like garlic and spices...yummy. It shouldn't have smelled like that though.

In the kitchen my little one was playing Bobby Flay and grilling it up! She had plugged in the portable griddle and poured olive oil over it, put some fresh garlic (she even pressed the shit!) on it with some basil and tomatoes. Well hell. After scolding her angrily I realized my floor was like a fucking slip and slide from oil and I had to clean that all up.

I let the dog in (my angel dog who can do no wrong in my eyes). And then...the dog peed. Geeze.