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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Only in my world

So as many know, I am Roman Catholic. I am not one of those run of the mill new Catholics that adhere by new rules and changing doctrine, I am old school Catholic. I go to mass several times weekly (four to be exact) and my kids are in parochial school.

So I volunteer a lot. We had a fundraiser consignment sale that we have annually. I am so used to our ways that I often forget that I am in the south and we are looked down on here. That's a whole different post because I cannot stand religious and non-religious righteousness. I am very annoyed by anyone who puts another person down based on religious choices. If you want me to think you are a giant waste of space and precious air on this earth, knock someone else's religious choices (including those who choose not to have any religion...we are all people and we all deserve to choose whether or not we believe in religion or anything else.

Anyway...I digress. So the other night we were all doing our whole organizing and all that crap. And in come a few of the moms (we are all moms that work this thing) carrying beers, margaritas, and something else. I just laughed. Only in a Catholic church.

One woman needed a bottle opener. Yeah. Ok. Like you will find one of those lying around a church. She ran to the main narthex (hall) and found some guys there. She came back with a few bottle openers. Only in a Catholic church. They cracked open their drinks and continued on with their work. I just shook my head and smiled.

The whole thing was very reminiscent of my childhood and growing up in the church. I was just so amused by the whole event. And it would only happen in a Catholic church.