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Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh, Jo!

Ok, so it's no big secret that my favorite lube is Jo H2O. Really, I mean it's thick, and water based, c'mon!

So recently I ran out of lube (OMG, I know right) and I needed more. Now the issue was that I was having a burning sensation from all things sex because I have a prolapsed uterus. So I went to a local shop that had nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not that I was willing to buy. The girl recommended System Jo for women stating that it was water based, silicone and oil free (duh, water based, remember?), and glycerin free. What does that mean to me? Well, that means that nasty burning feeling inside me after sex would be no more.

Why? Let's see; glycerin is a sugary substance that can encourage the growth of yeast in women, can we say Monostat? Nice, right. Plus, while it makes the lubricant last longer, it also makes it messy and sticky. I am not one to like getting up after sex say "eww, nasty." Glycerin is also common in soap, have you ever noticed that if you don't clean out really well after washing it can burn. Well, a lot of women have skin that is irritated by glycerin. So, naturally, glycerin free personal lubricants are amazing.

Beyond being body healthy, System Jo Water Based Lubricants are great because they are compatible with all toys. As long as you are using a water based lube there is no need to wonder if the lubricant you are using will damage your toy in any way. Silicone and silicone don't play well together, so I keep water based on hand at all times.

The awesome thing about this lube is that it doesn't dry up in 15 seconds like some other water based lubes do. It is thicker than a lot of other lubricants, and it sticks relatively well to toys. Now, on glass and super slick surfaces it will slide down kind of quickly, so I do recommend putting it directly on your body to avoid a potential mess and a slippery toy (I speak from personal experience here...had a glass wand slip/pop right out of my hand, it was funny though). To reactivate the lube you can just use a few drops of water, lube or saliva and you are good to go again.

It's in a basic pop top bottle that you poor from, so there is no huge mess, but it can be easy to over poor the amount you need. The best part for me is clean up, with some lubes you have to wash with soap and water and rinse repeat, blah, blah, blah...Nope. Not Jo, Jo rinses right off with no problem at all. Love it!

My little bottle of lube sits right on my dresser in plain sight all the time, 24/7. The bottle isn't one of the squirt things that looks like lotion, it doesn't have nakid people all over it, and it doesn't scream "HAVE SEX AND USE ME!!!" Honestly, I it looks like a lot of the hair and skin products I use. No one would give it a second look, including the kids. My little one said "mommy, you left you haiw stuff on dah dwesser." Aww.

I seriously recommend that everyone try this product. With all the benefits it has to offer, how could you not want to buy it. I know the price seems high, but a little goes a long way. My bottle lasts about 4-5 months...uh and I play, a lot! So give Jo a try. Get a bottle, grab a toy, partner, or both, and have at it!!!

Jo warming lubricant has no strong odors, but I wouldn't say odor free completely. If you place your nose directly to the bottle (with the cap off), as I did just to see, you will notice that the smell is reminiscent of bubbles. Really, bubbles. Like the kind you used to blow when you were a kid during summer. Some people may not like this, but it made me giggle, I liked it! I do not recommend this for oral sex. Really and truly. It has a bite to it. Kind of bitter in a not so amazing way. Like the slightest taste of a raw artichoke. Please for the love of all things holy, do not go lick an artichoke if you have no idea what I mean, you won't like it. So there is my little down fall for this product. Icky taste.

As I applied the lubricant I could feel it warming. It was not an overwhelming sensation of heat, just warm enough.

Benefits of Jo Warming Lube:

*Silky feeling
*Glycerin free
*Latex safe
*Gentle warming on contact

Value for Price: 5/5

Overall Star Rating: 5/5

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Lubricant by System JO