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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want it! I want it!! I want it!!! Now damn it!!!

Ok, so I have several ongoing wishlists from a few separate places for sex toys! Really, I do. I know, I shouldn't throw fits and beg and cry for J to get me certain toys, but c''ve seen some of the kick ass toys out there!!!

So here are three of my wishlists (these are all from Eden Fantasys)

Form 6
Lovemoiselle Juliane
Petite Couture Collection Gracious
Ideal (I am in the air about this with the release of some of the newer toys)
The usual suspects Iconic Rabbit
Ben's G-Spot Smoothie

BDSM List:
Adjustable Spreader Bar
Nexus iStim
Luxotiq Anal Plug (metal)
Pure Plug, Medium
Under the bed restraints
Fulfill-a-fantasy Flogger (cuz I haz the fluffy one already)
Pink plush collar and leash
Luxe white wrist cuffs
Luxe white ankle cuffs
Asian silicone ball gag
Collar with fur
Y-Style clamps with clit clamp
Fascinator Posh Throe
Liberator shag throe
Japanese silk love rope

Just some random shit I want:

Luna pleasure bead system
Pure wand
Luxotiq Anal Plug (glass)
Devine Toy Box pink corset
Jeweled G-Spot Dildo (pink, of course)
Striped Pleasure Can
Pleasure Pouch (I need one or two of these)
For your nymphomation sex toy case (pink)
Glass Ben Wa Balls
Jo Gift Pack (lemon)
Taffy Tickler silicone twist
Pleasure pearls
Lovemoiselle Noemie
Vibrating C-Ring
Silver heart loop nipple rings
Nexus G-Rider (pink)