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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am dying for a new outfit. I want the whole damn thing. From head to toe. I want a sexy, make people gasp and stare kind of outfit. I am pretty much desperate for this. I want to get everything!!!
*Thigh high boots
*A super shockingly short skirt
*An amazing corset
*A collar
*New earrings

I want to get all dressed up and have somewhere to go. I have no idea where I would go, but it would be so much fun. I couldn't do it here, where we live now, although shocking small town America would be the best gift ever! I want to go out with J, all dressed up on his arm, back home in Cali. I want to have a whole day and night with just the two of us. Nothing to distract us, nothing to disturb us.

Why do I want this so badly? It would be a ton of fun for J and I to just be us together. Not having to be Mommy or Daddy for one day, and just being together. We could be alone. Just us. J would be my only focus and worry for the whole day and the whole night. We could even get a hotel room and leave the kids behind for one night. J could do whatever he wanted with me, no questions asked, no kids interrupting, and no phones ringing. One night of pure bliss, and I would look amazing. He would have to have me, the moment he saw me, he would need me.

We could go out to eat, or just walk around, I don't care! I just want to get all prettied up, impress him, make him want me, make him need me. I want to feel like nothing in the universe matters but us for one whole night. I would get some wine and we could go back to our room and have our fun and make the other guests jealous.

What I love about being with J is that he is dense. I mean that, really and truly. He has no idea when a girl is flirting or just staring. He is oblivious to all those things. I like having other girls look and want him. It reminds me that I am lucky enough to have him. I love it when they flirt and he misses it completely, yes are that blind and I love that. I want to go with him and be reminded of all those things. Know that he is with me because he wants me and he loves me. I may have to get to planning this little overnight trip :p