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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rock hard...muscles? Rock Chick re-review....

Ok, I revisited my old friend and I must say I still am not quite digging the rock chick. I will write a whole review so no one has to go back and read the old one.

Rock Chick:

This is a brilliant concept for women. You get your vaginal sex while your clitoris is being stimulated at the same time. As you rock back and forth your stimulation rises leading to what should be an orgasm.

It doesn't quite work that way, not for someone as small as me anyway. I am only 4'11" so the toy is just a bit to big for my body. I found insertion to be a tricky, but after playing with it for a few minutes it just popped, yes popped right in. The vibrations are nice, but you can't feel them against your G spot as you hit it. They would be perfect for my clit action, but I simply can't get any unless I press up and in then down so far that I may cry. I finally hit a spot that was quite amazing, but it was not going to bring me to an orgasm, which meant a manual orgasm, and some disappointment.

About the Rock Chick:
It is made of silicone, so store it safely away from other silicone toys and always use a water based lubricant to protect the integrity of the toy. The bullet is supposed to come out, but as of yet I have not been able to pull it out, but it's supposed to be water proof so it's fine.

The silicone is very pliable and easily bent around, which proved useful during play, especially for insertion. It is easy to wash, your basic toy cleaner and some warm water and it's done.

The size was rather overwhelming, I somehow was expecting something smaller, but it is not huge. The Rock Chick is made for G-Spot and Clitoral stimulation, so it inserts on one end and lies over the clitoris on the other end. To get the maximum affect you rock with it. That will keep your G-Spot stimulated while your clit gets play as well. This is great for alone play, but your partner might find it fun if you include him/her. The clit massage area was far too large for me, but again I am very petite...this should be a good size for the average woman.

I don't think this toy is best suited for petite women, although I would love to see a Rock Chick Petite...that would make my day. I wouldn't recommend this as a first toy, but it can be easily used by anyone.

I do like the on/off button being at the end on the bullet, it made it easy to turn it on and off during use. The battery in mine was not a watch battery, but rather a 1.5V which is great because they last longer and are lest costly than the watch batteries.


On a big upside, J and I had some fun talking today. He teased me some and wanted to hear me say how badly I needed him to fuck me. Apparently I wasn't convincing enough for him, to be honestly I can't say that I am surprised, I wanted it, but hell, I wouldn't have believed me either. He made me wait until he came back from eating before I was allowed to cum.

Better yet? J decided to "believe" I got myself off while I was waiting. Did I? NO! Of course he knew I hadn't, but he wanted a reason to yell at me when he came back, so he ran with it.