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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wow, a first for me...thank you!

Ok, so I have never owned a rabbit style vibrator. The one reason I have never owned a rabbit vibe before was size. I don't particularly care for girthy toys. The Bella is 1.25 inches thick and the insertable length is 4.75 inches. I suppose that may not be enough for some women, but for me it was wonderful. The Bella features a slight nub at the tip for g-spot pleasure (although I never really felt it), and is soft and squishy(ish). It really resembles my Enchanted vibe, which is another member of the Cal Exotics couture line.

The Bella is made of silicone, but I am not so sure it is 100% silicone, rumors of people cutting them open and finding foam made it my way. Umm, I don't care? Nope, I still like it. The silicone allows for sterilization, you can use a 10% bleach solution or boil it (I am guessing by holding it upside down in the water). The texture of the silicone is matte, so it isn't slick, but it really doesn't have a whole lot of drag to it. Also, silicone means only water based lubricants may be used on this toy. Period. Try some of these.

There are ridges along the top of the internal vibrator, and along the clitoral stimulator (which totally looks like a thumb, if you ask me...and you did...that's why I am reviewing it). The tip of the clitoral stimulator has dots on the top of it for added stimulation (in the shape of a flower even), these actually do work a little bit. While there is still that squishiness (now I am making up words) I love about this line, there is less give because of the added motor in the top of the vibrator.

The control unit is on the base, and I love it. It is a sleek silver, and you will know it is on when the lights come on as the indicator. There is a dedicated on/off button for the entire unit, and two different buttons to control the rotating head and the clitoral vibrator. The control for the rotation is two arrows forming a circle and the waves are for the clitoral stimulator, each is totally separate from the other so you can use just one or both. The rotation has three speeds, and I found them to be decent, but not too thrilling really. This is the draw to the rabbit vibes for me, the rotating heads most of them have, but I was a little disappointed. The rotation loses significant power once inserted, but from what I have gathered this is not an uncommon complaint. The clitoral unit has seven speeds, your basic three speed, plus four pulsing speeds...basic, faster an escalation, and a variable pulsing. The escalated pulsing is my favorite for a good tease during use, then I will escalate up to the steady speeds for a good orgasm. I must add that if you use both motors at once they do lose some power, but it wasn't enough for me to call it an actual issue.

If you leave the rotation off you can thrust while using the clitoral vibe. It isn't particularly my favorite thing, but I actually prefer a dildo for thrusting anyway. Plus, the base is a little bit bulky and a kind of squared off shape, so holding it tight is not the most comfortable way to work. As well as thrusting you can just let the rotations relax you and get you in the mood for some heavier play. The softness of the Bella will not allow for enough pressure (for me anyway) to orgasm from it alone, but it makes for a great foreplay toy if that is what you are looking for. You can also use this for nipple stimulation or anything else you can only need to think outside the box.

Speaking of boxes...well, I simply don't like the box. It is too large considering the toy is just tossed in there in a sealed bag. The box features the toy under running water all pretty like, but doesn't really do much for me. I certainly don't need a half naked hooker on the box, but I guess I do need more than just water.

The batteries we a bit of an annoyance. I seem to be coming across more and more toys using three AAA batteries. What the hell people? Ugh. So after I dug the damn third battery up I inserted them. The battery case is very self explanatory. There are two slots on the front and one in back. Match them up like your two year old does with all those puzzles, umm be sure the metal pieces are down though, and put the cap back on. I did get about two hours out of my vibrator on one set of batteries, not bad considering I am working with two motors. Just so you know, to extend battery life always remove them when your toy is not in use.

I must note that the Bella is in no way, shape or form anywhere near close to being discreet. It looks like a vibrator. Sorry, but anyone who sees it will know off the bat what it is they are seeing. It is loud, but the noise is easily muffled, although you could hear it just the slightest bit through my bedroom door. So I would not recommend this to anyone who needs serious discretion. Beyond that...well, I love that this isn't a traditional phallic shape. I prefer non phallic toys, so this is a great way for me to still get my rabbit vibe.

I was very pleased overall. I enjoyed my time with the Bella. Oh! Did I mention she is waterproof. Tried and true. I took her in the bath with me. Now...the battery cap is plastic and it just twist locks and has NO o-ring. So, the safety is still questionable with water. I believe it is only a matter of time because my Enchanted battery cap is very loose now and wiggles if you move the vibrator. An additional thing to note, and quite possibly something that Cal Exotics might want to fix in future models.

I would mostly recommend the Bella as a first rabbit. Why? Well, the controls are crazy easy to use, it is non-threatening to anyone looking for a first toy, but...size. Plain and simple, 1.25 inches thick isn't all that big. Most rabbit style vibes average in at 1.5 inches. This is something to consider when looking at this vibrator. If you are a size queen, keep looking. Despite a few flaws, I really love how well this toy operates, and how nice it looks. It was a wonderful first rabbit vibe, and I am so happy I didn't need to run through ten rabbit vibes to find just one I liked.


JonsBabydoll said...

I ~really~ like this, but have recently said I won't buy any more toys that run on AAA batteries. Gargh. It looks really nice though. I might have to go against my new rule...

February 26, 2010 at 10:23 AM
Alley said...

I would totally go against it for this one.

March 3, 2010 at 4:05 PM