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Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Review: Sexpert Review of Intimate Foreplay Kit

Ok, so I am doing Random Review Saturdays for now on. I will bring up a review from the past and update it with new information and let you know if I still like the product.

Random Review Saturday:

Sexpert Review of the Intimate Foreplay Kit by California Exotics

Last month Cal Exotics sent me an Intimate Foreplay Kit that had not yet been released. I am not going to re~review the whole thing, so to see the original review please click here.

Recently my Kit met an untimely death. Not the fault of Cal Exotics. I cannot stress this enough. I tossed a book onto my bed and it landed (apparently just right) on one of the attachments and split it up the seam. I was devastated. The upside? I did learn that even if it cracked the attachment would still screw onto the bullet. That is kind of cool.

I haven't tried the attachment internally because I am not all about bacteria build up, and it is plastic, but it still works just fine for all types of external stimulation. So, having said that...if you happen to break yours and plan to only use it externally you can get by with super gluing the crack back together. Gluing is not necessary, however, being that it will still screw and hold on to the bullet piece of the kit.

Now, I would like to address why I do not fault the craftsmanship of the product for it breaking. Well, I have several, and have had several in the past, California Exotics toys. Never before have I had a single toy break like this. Sometimes we have a toy that breaks randomly and we can no longer use it. It's kind of like a car. Sometimes you just get one that wasn't as strong as the rest. It doesn't mean the whole company is at fault. Just that one car. I still recommend this Kit to all those who are new to toys. It will open up worlds of opportunities you were never aware of before.

Thank you again to California Exotics for allowing me to review this toy.