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Friday, September 11, 2009

It's like a rocketship...for your butt!

Aluminum Mini Butt Plug

The blah blah need to knows:
The Mini is 3.5 inches long with three inches of insertable length (it does come in 4 inches with 3.75 inches insertable as well). Made of smooth, nonporous aluminum that will not rust and resists corrosion very well. Since it is aluminum rather than steel the toy is very lightweight, weighing in at only 0.3 lb.

Aluminum is easy clean, soap and water, or in my case antibacterial toy cleaner and water, or you can put it on the top rack of your dishwasher if you would like. I do recommend cleaning this toy before and after every use (as does the packaging of the toy).

Bonus: Aluminum is great because unlike silicone you can use any lubricant you would like! I recommend silicone based or water based. I, personally, used a water based lube and the Mini held on to it very well. The lubricant didn't drip all over and slide down right away, it was great!

**Since this is a toy for anal penetration play I always recommend a toy cover or condom be used when sharing. And never go from anal to vaginal use due to the increased risk of bacterial infection.**

On to the good parts:
Let's begin with the pretty box, shall we? I just loved the box the mini plug came in. I was over the moon with the satin~lined container the plug was nestled into. I looked so elegant in its box. I could do without all the writing and whatnot on the clear acetate cover of the box, but I won't get all hung up on that...

The Aluminum Mini is so small. It is just adorable. Considerably smaller than any other plug I have ever owned, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hold its own...Ooh, my Mini Plug is so pretty and shiny. I just love it. It is very small, so it is good for those who are not big time anal players. The base of the Mini has a gem (mine is purple) in it that just adds to the yumminess of the toy. The widest point on the plug is 1.25 inches wide (about the width of a half dollar), so not too big in size. The tip comes to a rounded point, and while the entire toy is very very smooth, I did notice that the tip of the plug had a small (the size of a ball tip pen) little...rough? Well, I am not sure how to describe it, rough~ish/sharp~ish spot on it. The best I can do to describe it is tell you it can catch on loose knits like a mattress cover (yes, I tried it). The gem base is also 1.25 inches wide, not the best part of the toy, I will admit. It should be a little bigger just to avoid any slippage accidents. No one wants to explain to their doctor why they have a gem based min rocket ship stuck in their ass.

Since the plug is aluminum it is not soft and pliable, as some of its other counter parts, prolonged wear may not be as comfortable as you might prefer. I will note that when I put the plug in, aside from a harsh jolt of cold, I was mildly uncomfortable for the first few minutes because of the lack of flexibility of the hard plug. As it is in there, it will not give. I cannot stress this enough, if you are looking for a plug that will bend or give in any way, this is not it. When I first inserted it, the toy was cold and it felt kind of sharp at the tip, but that was the main thing in putting the toy in, once it was in and I was used to it I felt great. I do think you can use this for long term wear once you are used to the hardness of the aluminum. I see no reason that even a first time plug wearer wouldn't be able to wear this comfortably for a prolonged period of time.

The Aluminum Mini is great for a few things, temperature play being one of them. Those unfamiliar with temperature play, it simply means you can stick it in the fridge or run it under cold water (in my case it was already cold for some odd reason) and use it that way, or you can run it under warm water to heat it up. The aluminum will heat to your body temp rather quickly and it will hold there as long as the toy is inserted.

I, honestly, would recommend this toy to anyone. It is small enough for beginners, although it may take some getting used to, and sturdy enough for those who have been anal playing for a while. The note I would make is that if you like to play anally and use large plugs, this could, potentially, be too small for you since the width of the base is only 1.25 inches (the same as the widest point on the plug). I do wish the base were a bit larger, but I felt no safety issues with it in. If you are looking for a small plug to begin with, this is a good one. Safe. Sterilizable. Cute. If you prefer girth, well, this may not be the plug for you unless you are just looking for something super cute for your next plug. You will not feel full with this plug in.

It is discreet because of it's size, you could take it on vacation and no one would be the wiser, it will fit into even a small purse or a man's pocket (if his pants aren't too tight). I can't bear to keep my pretty little plug from its beautiful bed, so it stays nestled away quietly in its original packaging in my drawer by the bedside. You could store it other ways, in a bag, or in a toy container, but I am so in love with the lined box that it is where I keep this little beauty.

Benefits of the Aluminum Mini:
*Can be sterilized
*Can be used with any lubricant
*Super cute
*Phthalates free

Cons of the Aluminum Mini:
*Can be too small for some
*Base should be wider

Value for Price: 4/5

Overall Star Rating: 5/5

product picture
Butt plug by California Exotic
Material: Aluminum


Sammi said...

I so want one of these with the gem on the bottom! :-)

September 11, 2009 at 11:23 PM
J's Curious Alley said...

I love is SO SO SO freaking CUTE!!!

September 11, 2009 at 11:36 PM