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Monday, August 31, 2009

Glamorous Me

So here I am, all of 4'11" tall. I am small, I am irritating (I have been assured of this by J), insecure, have HUGE thighs, and I am slightly more than a whole lot of mean. I was raised with an older sister who stands 5'8" tall, wears a size 1 and wears a 32 D bra. What the fuck!?!? I was robbed at birth, I swear it. All my friends are taller, leggier, and a little thinner than me. My insecurities run very deep, and because of that not a whole lot in my mundane life makes me feel "glamorous." Why do I bring this up?

Secret Agent Mama is running a contest on her blog to win a $100 gift card to Eden Fantasys. Check the post out here. She is talking about glass toys and how glamorous they are. And I do have to admit, glass is so beautiful, it's hard to resist their pull to be used. She has some very sensual photos of a few glass toys up on her blog. Go vote for your favorite photo here. GO! Enter! NOW!

So, what does make me feel glamorous? Well that all depends on my mood. I am a Southern California bred and raised girl, so I love to look and feel like the place I came from. Which looks very out of place here in the farm hills of Tennessee. I generally wear a tee shirt and jeans with my favorite pair of Etnies. I can dress up that same outfit with a sexy pair of heels though, and I feel very at home, and a little glam even. I like to feel pretty with my hair done and jeans on in a casual look. I also like to feel like a princess.

J is good at that. He knows what will make me feel special, and I love him more for it. I like to get dressed up, hair done, make up on, and a nice pair of heels to go out with him. I feel more glamorous when I am with him than any other time. I like to look good and hear him say it. I like being on his arm, or having his arms wrapped around me. I especially like coming home from that night out to finish the night in. That look, you know the one. The look that your love gives you right before the clothes are torn off and tossed to the side because they can no longer bear to look at you wondering what you look like under them (in which case matching your bra and panties is a huge help). I feel not only glamorous, but just down right amazing when I see that hunger burning in his eyes. The lust. Even after the lustful events, when I still have my make up on, my hair is a mess, and I am in my sweats and a tank top, I still feel glamorous. I like to curl up in his lap and know he will never let me go.

So what makes me feel glamorous? J and the way we know and love one another. It's not the clothing, but rather the fact that I can still impress him so much that he still, after 7 years together, lusts for me.

What makes you feel glamorous?