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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fantasy Fridays

Ok so, I have decided that on Fridays I will be doing Fantasy Fridays...I will try to keep posting regular blogs as well, but this will be good for days I am just to damn tired to get to it.

How it will work:

I will post my own fantasies, or fictional stories on Fridays. If you have a fantasy or fictional story you would like posted you can email it to me by Thursday at 9pm CST. I will pick on to post the following day. I will include a link to your blog or your fetlife page if you have one as well. Please include you name (or what you would like the name to state) and a link you would like to be included in your submission.

Fantasy for this week:

Aside from being not sick again...ok enough bitching on to fantasy.
I fantasize about J daily. About what it will be like when I see him. About our reunion kiss. About that reunion kiss...I want a loving kiss, not the I need you and I need to fuck you now kiss. Rather the kiss that tells me he loves me and he missed me, the one that will allow me to show him just how much I missed him too. After that kiss all bets are off. I would love to have his hands in my hair, to grab it and pull and let me know that I am still his and his alone. That he still wants me to be his and that he is totally unwilling to share me.

I imagine that we meet up and go to the hotel where I am staying. He closes the door behind him and grabs me, hard. Pulls me toward him and puts his hand on the back of my neck. He presses his lips against mine with a sense of urgency, like he needs to kiss me at that moment. My arms wind around his neck as his hand moves up into my hair. His fingers intertwine themselves in my hair and he pulls back some. As I feel the low pain in my head I let out a low moan. He pulls harder, jerking my head to the side as he whispers in my ear, "I am home now, and you're all mine. I will do with you what I please."

Hmm....yummy. I would write more, but I am so sick today I can hardly think straight.