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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EEEEP! And a few other points...

EEEEP! I was so excited to log onto EF to see that I get to review toys! YAY! Actually, I love reviewing toys, I just wanted to do it for EF because we shop there a ton. I have been reevaluating all my toys to see which ones I like and which ones I don't care so much for. Well, I love most of my toys, but that damn Rock Chick. I already had issues with it, although, J seems to think I will master the stupid thing and learn to love it, but for the price he paid for it, I can't say I blame him. So anyway, I was cleaning up and I moved it and it fell on my little toe! What the fuck? I already have issues with it then it freaking attacks me? Seriously, it's not like it is a heavy toy, just a toy with a protruding bullet that bites. Damn it! My toe still hurts.

Safe words:
I have seen this come up a lot lately. Does everyone have one? Does everyone need one? Aren't they a giant safety net?

Well, this all depends on who you are. J and I don't have a safe word, but then again I don't need one because he is out of the country and all our play is internet and phone based. If he were home that might be different. We have never had a safe word, but we do have an understanding that if I say enough he asks me if I want to stop...I can say yes or no. If I say no he will continue but ask again...if I say no again he continues and asks one more time...if I say no we can keep going. Three chances to stop him. Why don't I have a safe word? Well, I am not sure I will remember a random word if I need J to stop right then. For me it is better to know that I can scream "enough" and he will stop and assess the situation.

I do think a safe word is a good idea. But not everyone can use one. You should come up with some sign that play needs to end right now. This is essentially the same thing as a safe word, just without a word to forget.


My toy storage:

Where and how do I store my toys?

Easy! In a makeup bag. Just as good as toy cases, but half the cost. I use the makeup bag because it it so discreet. No one would imagine there are sex toys in a cutesy makeup bag, well, I might and maybe now you might too. I keep certain toys in certain pouches, and my vibes all go in cute little pencil cases. I love my storage techniques.

Since I have two small kids they know better than to play in mommy's makeup, which means they don't go into the cases...because they are makeup cases you know.