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Monday, March 1, 2010

Le Curve has "le power"

Ok, so I wasn't really sure what I could compare this to, but then I realized that the Le Curve by Cal Exotics could easily be compared to any other clitoral vibrator around. Basically the Le Curve is the California Exotics response to the Layaspot. I don't own a Layaspot, but I do have a Better than Chocolate. Which did I like? Le Curve. It is an easy to hold vibrator with a bulbous handle that is a powerhouse of vibration. Other clitoral stimulators I have used have not matched up yet. I was genuinely shocked at the amount of vibration this toy offered. The nose is not pointed, so while it is pin point vibrations, the area it covers is not as small as most clitoral vibrators. I really felt this was a great bonus.

Three AA batteries keep it powered and ready to please, but don't be fooled by it's pretty and shiny metallic appearance. It can actually be rather harsh for direct stimulation if you prefer more diffuse vibration to your clitoris. I prefer pressure and power, so the Le Curve was actually a wonderful match for me. It is about 6 inches long, but held in my hand it feels bigger than it looks in a photo. As I said before though, the size makes it very easy to handle. It is about 1.25 inches in diameter, but that really doesn't matter since it truly isn't meant for insertion. The Le Curve is non-porous plastic, so care is very easy. Since you don't insert it and the batteries are located in the handle there really is no concern of water damage. It is made of plastic so feel free to use your favorite lubricants. And to really clean (other than toy cleaner and water) you can wipe it down with alcohol.

The controls on the Le Curve are great. There is a dedicated on/off button on bottom, and the buttons will be lit as long as the toy is on, so you can't forget to turn it off. Seven functions. That's it, just the on/off and a function button. You can scroll through your favorite functions and once you get through them it goes back to "off," or well, not vibrating anyway. My only complaint is the noise level. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said the Le Curve actually rivaled in noise level to my Hitachi. Seriously. It is that loud.

As far as vibrators go, especially clitoral types, I am really impressed with the Le Curve. It offers powerful vibrations, a sleek, nice looking, and easy to clean surface, and is very well made. Offering plenty of variety as far as functions (from basic vibes to pulsation patterns and escalation), this is a great toy to add to a toy box for a woman who likes power. And even if you don't like power, well you can always use it as a pin point back massager (I was serious when I said it had power). Unfortunately it is so not discreet, but hey...for the price and the power, I think I can forgive the fact that everyone in the state can hear it.

I certainly wouldn't say a toy like this is for everyone, but I do think that the vast majority of people would really enjoy this toy. Because it is easy to clean, is small enough to travel with, and is so powerful it can only add to your collection. Plus, well, it's kinda pretty.

Thank you to for sending me this toy for review.


JonsBabydoll said...

I had been looking at this but not sure if I wanted to add it to the wishlist, but after this review I think it'll be a great toy for me. :) Thanks!

March 2, 2010 at 2:58 PM
Alley said...

It's a great option if you don't want to spend the added money on the Layaspot. Check out the links in the really does have some great power.

March 3, 2010 at 4:04 PM