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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why, oh why?

So, do you have any local "Adult Bookstores" that just make you cringe? You know the ones I mean, the stores that say Adult Bookstore and their are located in the worst areas, the parking lots are filthy and when someone is walking in you just know that the passers by are thinking that they are some type of sexual deviant or sex offender. Well, we are military, so God knows I have seen my share of those in military towns, plus I grew up in SoCal and spent all my time in Oceanside (just out of Camp Pendleton) as a teenager. Well even then those stores grossed me out. And recently I was on a quest to find the perfect glass dildo, yeah I know, I so should have looked online. I could have gone to Eden Fantasys,, Babeland, or Naughty and Discreet (just to name a few), but no...I just had to look at them and be able to see them and feel their weight.

Let me remind everyone I live in the middle of BFE TN (the freaking south...the Bible belt), so being seen walking into a sex toy store is just a horrifying experience altogether. I usually head into downtown (what people here think is the city) and head over to Hustler of Hollywood because don't ya' know it's the only store where you can get a selection of body safe toys. And wouldn't you know it...they had like four?!?! glass dildoes...WTF? So I head to a grungier shop a few minutes over, and eeewww. I am such a freakin' girl, I swear it. The guy behind the counter was creepy as hell and looked like he doesn't wash his hair, the store smelled funny, and just eew.'s things like that which keep me from entering the random little store a few minutes from my house. It is in a nasty area, the building is old and gross, and I don't even want to know what the people inside look like. Now here is my issue: Sex toys are going a little more mainstream. So, here I am stuck here while other people are getting Boutique Toy Stores in their neighborhoods. I encountered a great deal of boutiques on my recent trip to NY. They were very nice looking stores, maybe not something geared toward a guy, but I am sure they can go elsewhere for their smut. The designs of the store were made to draw women in, and it worked. I was enamored immediately and felt a draw to go play inside. But alas, we had small people with us and they too small to see those things.

I instantly fell in love with the window displays, I saw a Gigi on display in a window and I know I must have been drooling because J scolded me and said not to even think about it. Ugh. These stores made enhanced the classiness of the higher end toys that sat displayed in their windows, and all I wanted to see was the inside. J just said "why, it's probably all pink and gross." Clearly my definition of gross differs from his. Well, for now at least I have a Hustler store that is welcoming and clean, even if the prices are a bit over the top. Maybe one day I will get the guts and money to open my own store...who knows.