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Monday, November 30, 2009

My secret bedtime buddy...shh don't tell!

While I don't quite get the name, I get why people might like this particular vibrator. The Nighttime Buddy by Cal Exotics is pretty, strong, and, well it claims to be made of silcone. A quick trip to the Cal Exotics website proved the packaging to be false. This is actually TPR silicone. It is not 100% pure silicone. TPR isn't bad though, it is somewhat porous, so no sharing without a condom. With 6 inches of insertable length, this pretty purple penis is so sweet. The maximum width comes in at 1.5 inches in diameter, which isn't too terribly large...really it's about average. So pretty much anyone can use this vibrator with ease. I stash mine by my bedside...otherwise I will have wasted a perfectly good name and someone may decide they no longer need to pay the clever name guy at California Exotics.

With four varying functions, I am quite sure you can find something to stimulate yourself. If you like that rabbit sensation, just turn it around (spin...don't insert the suction cup, and if you do...send me a video to post please so I can show people why not to do that). Face the balls of the toy up and give yourself some clitoral stimulation. The TPR is sturdy but flexible, so it bends, but you can definitely feel the head of the toy in thrusting and general actually hurt me a few times because of the rigidity of the head. Oh, and vibrations...they rock! Why are they so awesome? Well, the bullet is located closer to the head of the toy so the vibrations are felt very strongly in the head of the toy rather than the base like some other vibes.

A suction cup? Ok, so maybe you know what it is for, but I am imagination challenged, so I was at a loss of words. The it happened...J stuck the vibrator to the wall. Stuck. It. To. The. Wall. WTF is tha about? Seriously? So me being the pushover I am, I did just what he had intended...I pushed back with my hips as the Nighttime Buddy slid right in to get the idea. Since it's you can use either silicone or water based lubes...awesome, right? And, because of the stiffness of the head partner play allowed the Nighttime Buddy to rub against my g-spot, which we all know is absolutely delicious. Hey, what so ya' know?!? I can get a ton of use out of this little guy! Awesome. Guess what! It's waterproof too...including the batterypack and remote, although I try to keep that dry just as a precaution. So shower play...yeah! It is SO on the can even use it there too if you want (umm shut the windows first please...I really don't need to see that...or maybe I do...).

My Nighttime Buddy should be cleaned after each use. My personal favorite is to clean it with an antibacterial toy cleaner then wipe down with either alcohol (isopropyl...don't raid your roommates liquor cabinet) or a 10% bleach solution. No need to clean them off.

The battery pack is located off the toy in the remote (which is a rubber -coated wired remote). The wire isn't too too long, so it really does need to be right at your side, but you will need it there to change functions anyway. Speaking changing functions is done so easily. All you need is the push of a button and your of...or on your way to getting off. Either way, right!

You can pick up one of these delightful little toys at for only $46.00.